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    review rating 5  Honest, fast and accommodating with your schedule and loaner cars. They listen to your concerns and address them in a respectful way without being patronizing or condescending that, being female, I have unfortunately experienced from other mechanics.

    thumb Zanonymous Discovery

    review rating 5  Service was too good and price was reasonable . Services done on time. Would surely recommend this place..

    thumb Megnath M S

    review rating 5  Steph’s Garage does amazing, honest work and we have never been disappointed with their customer service. I have seen them working on every car from my old beat up Taurus to restored classics to a Tesla! I highly recommend them!

    thumb Abigael Moorhead

    review rating 5  Super happy with these guys and the shop. They are right down the street from me, and I will be going to them for future car repairs, maintenance, etc. They put all new tires on my original rims for my '61 Olds and I couldn't be happier with their service and super speedy, but quality work. Please people, check them out. There's a reason they have good reviews, and I am more than happy to add to that! Thanks guys!

    thumb Eggy Drummer30

    review rating 5  It is never enjoyable having to deal with car repairs and overall car issues in general. When I stumbled upon Steph's Garage on Grand Avenue in St. Paul I could not have been more pleased to have found a local independent Auto Repair Garage that was professional and great to work with. They have always been honest fair and helpful beyond on my expectations. If you are looking for an auto garage for your car repairs I would not hesitate in contacting Steph's Garage.

    thumb todd walker

    review rating 5  The guys were so great and super helpful! I called to see if I could come in the same day and they fit me right in. I would definitely go back again.

    thumb Mindy Hoffman

    review rating 5  Not only are they good at repairs but they are down to earth and let you know the best options for your vehicle and you. They fixed up my Chevy Impala and already had the best priced parts lined up by the time they called me so they could give me a good price. Everyone at Steph's seem like good people. My repair wasn't an easy one but they had it done quickly and the car is running great.

    thumb Zach Thole

    review rating 5  The guys at Steph’s garage are very friendly and give excellent customer service. I was able to call and drop off my Jeep in about 20 minutes for a power steering blowout. I will definitely be going back in the future.

    thumb Josh Nelson

    review rating 5  Great job keeping me on the road. Good service, quality work, fair prices.

    thumb Tom LaQua

    review rating 5  I was parked outside Steph's Garage with a flat tire and Sam (the manager) drove by, asked what was going on, and came out to help take off the stuck rusted flat. Sam used tools from the Garage to help out and even filled up the spare so I could safely drive back to work! He was gracious, kind, and happy to help. Will be returning!

    thumb Jessica Weinel

    review rating 5  This is a great spot for anyone looking for honest and reliable car service. Sam was extremely helpful and saved me some money on my next tune-up. I highly recommend this garage!

    thumb danny morris

    review rating 5  Great pricing for good work. Went in to get my Spacers installed. Would have installed them myself but previous shop tightened my Lug nuts WAY beyond the recommended Torque. Called Troy who said it would be easy $40 to get all 4 wheel spacers on the car. Every other shop said it would be $100 plus for about an hours worth of work and no material cost since I provide the spacers. The techs went above and beyond, checked underneath the car, tie Rods, control arms, etc. When they finally pried the wheels off, there was some corrosion preventing the spacers from going on right, so they took the time to sand it down and clean the rotors. TL;DR, I'll go here for most of my repairs that I cant do myself in the future.

    thumb Andrey Mamnev

    review rating 5  From what I can see, this shop lives on it's honesty and providing services for the right price. I have never felt cheated after leaving there and will continue to give them my service until that changes.

    thumb Grant Brugger

    review rating 5  The service was great and Sam was thorough with his explanations about the work my vehicle needed. I didn't have any doubts about the work being done or the people doing it. There's a loaner car available for use that gets you from point A to point B. The owner, Troy, took the time to reach out to me to make sure I was satisfied with the work that was done on my vehicle - this was something I appreciated. I'm a repeat customer and have been very pleased with all the services I've had done. I would and have recommend this place to many family members and friends! If you don't follow Steph's Garage on Facebook, you should because they post some very insightful articles about auto care!

    thumb Stephanie Herr

    review rating 5  I have been going to Steph's Garage for 3+ years now, and I cannot say enough good things about them. They are everything you look for in a mechanic: knowledgeable, trustworthy, and transparent. I truly appreciate how helpful they are, and each time I take my car in, I know that whatever they are doing will be done right.

    thumb Grant Herschberger


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