As you’ve probably heard through auto centers and other drivers, fluids are an important part of your vehicle’s winter maintenance – especially your brake fluids. They make sure the brake system is working even in the freezing cold. Brake fluids need to be topped off or replaced from time to time despite the misconception that they never need servicing. While it’s true that brake fluids don’t need as much service as the oil lubricating your engine, they still need to be checked by professionals.

The recommended time frame between changes will fluctuate depending on the manufacturer, but the average is around two years. If you’ve heard that brake fluid can never go bad, then you’re mistaken. While it’s not as much of an issue now thanks to modern design placing brake fluid in a sealed part of the brake system, there are still ways for it to be compromised. Issues mostly stem from corrosion by moisture mixing in from other components. Once the brake fluid is contaminated, it won’t work as well and may cause wear and tear on your brakes. This presents a safety risk especially in the winter when brakes are being overused.

If you haven’t gotten your brake fluid changed in the past two years, you might have noticed issues arising from overheating due to inadequate lubrication when using the brakes. Similarly, if your brakes are harder to use, you smell something burning, or hear a grinding noise when applying the breaks, then it might be time for your brake fluid replacement. Contact our St. Louis Park location to schedule an appointment so you won’t have to worry about collision due to failing brakes.