It’s no secret that Minnesota winters are brutal on not only the people but also their vehicles. Just like us, car batteries like to be warm and find it harder to start in the freezing temps. If you have a well-maintained battery or a newer car, you might not notice these issues as much. However, it’s still necessary maintenance to make sure your battery is ready for the winter. You can save yourself a lot of trouble if the problem that leaves you stranded on the side of the road was easy to prevent by a routine appointment.

When you come in for a winter check-up for your car, we’ll make sure the electrical system is in tip-top shape. Many components need to be tested, so it’s best to have our certified technicians handle it. An untrained individual could hurt themselves messing with the electrical/computer system or make the problem worse. During the appointment, we’ll also make sure that all the wires and components around the battery are in good shape and not affected by corrosion.

While a check-up can help with preventable issues, there’s always the chance that the cold weather will win. Make sure to do these things to help your battery survive the winter:

  • Try to minimize exposure to the cold. If you have a garage, keep your car in as much as possible.
  • Make sure your gas and oil levels are always half or more than half full to prevent it from thickening.
  • Try to avoid making frequent short trips.

Stay safe this chilly season and stop by our St. Louis Park location for your winter check-up! Appointments can be made by phone or online.