After digging your car out of the snow after a long day at work, there’s nothing better than getting in and enjoying the heated cabin. Unless you’ve got a broken heater…then you’re probably still trying to scrape the ice and snow off while everyone else has left for the day. It’s a pain to deal with no heat in your car, and luckily, it’s usually an easy fix. Plus, going without heat on long car rides or commutes can be a hazard to your health and sanity during the long Minnesota winter.

Here’s a few common signs of heater issues and reasons why it might not be working:

  1. Your air vents are only blowing out cold air = it could mean you’re low on coolant.
  2. There isn’t any air blowing out = could be a sign that the heater controls are clogged due to build-up over time.
  3. Your thermostat gauge remains on C = the thermostat may be broken and can’t signal the heater to warm up.
  4. The engine is overheating or there’s an irregular odor = there could be an issue with the heater core.

Unfortunately, there are many other ways the heating in your vehicle can be compromised. It’s often a quick fix, though, so it’s in your best interest to have it checked out by our professionals. Don’t suffer through the Minnesota winter with no heat! Make an appointment and bring your car over to our St. Louis park location.