We’re all guilty of it at some point… not caring about car maintenance until you’re forced to. One of those often overlooked parts of car ownership? Tire upkeep. For a lot of owners, they do the bare minimum when it comes to tires. You get them put on, maybe rotated once in a while, and that’s it. Unfortunately, not routinely checking your tire pressure can cause avoidable damage.

Your tire’s longevity can be cut short by something as simple as the wrong tire pressure. If the tires are either over- or under-inflated, then one area of the tire will take most of the wear. When the tires are too inflated, the middle of the tires will wear down quicker, otherwise known as center wear. When too deflated, the sides take most of the wear, known as edge wear.

If you maintain the ideal tire pressure and the problem doesn’t go away, then it could be an issue with your suspension or alignment. With winter coming up, it’s more important than ever to have tire traction when driving. If your tires are worn down unevenly, then that makes your stop-and-go harder. Contact our St. Louis Park location to set up an appointment and check your tire health before winter hits.