Has your car been speaking to you in clunks and rattles, and you’re not sure how to translate? Chances are the suspension system has been compromised. Figuring out which part of your suspension is a whole new mystery that could have been caused by many things: wear and tear, a faulty part, or a dreaded pothole. Either way, your car probably won’t fall apart right away, but it is a sign of the problems to come. It’s better for your sanity and wallet to get it checked out now rather than later.

A mechanic will know how to diagnose the problem, but having some extra info can move the process along quicker. Some questions to ask yourself are:

  • Is there a noticeable vibration in the steering wheel?
  • Has it been harder to turn your steering wheel?
  • Does the clunking only happen at a certain speed?
  • Can you decipher whether it’s coming from the front or back?
  • Does the noise get worse when you are at a complete stop?

Having that info ready will help your mechanic figure out the problem. Plus, as a bonus, it shows you’re not completely clueless about your car problem. Prepare your answers and schedule an appointment at our St. Louis Park location before the clanking gets worse.