Winter is finally gone, but in its wake are potholes.
Driving over a pothole is never a good thing for a vehicle. However, sometimes it is simply unavoidable.

Hitting a pothole can cause a variety of damage to a vehicle such as damage to shocks, struts, bushings, bearing, joints, linkages, and tires.

Tires are often the first to fall victim to these nasty remnants of winter. The force from the hit can lead to a blown tire or cause damage to rims. In this scenario, it’s clear your vehicle has incurred damage from the hit.

A variety of suspension problems are the next most common thing we see from a pothole hit. This kind of damage can be less obvious and may be harder to diagnose.

Suspension issues could include:

  • Un-planted Vehicle – If you feel something is a bit out of the ordinary regarding sliding, bouncing, or pulling to one side of the lane or another may signal suspension or alignment issues.
  • Forward Tipping – When you ease on the brakes your vehicle ought to stop without any additional forces. If your vehicle tips forward when applying the brakes, this could be front-end suspension damage.
  • Sitting Low – Whether you are parked or accelerating, your vehicle should be parallel to the pavement. If the vehicle is sitting lower at the front or rear, you may have damage to shock absorbers or coil springs.
  • Out of Control – Loss of directional control, “bottoming out” when you roll over a bump, or any abnormalities in steering are signs you should have your suspension checked by a professional.

If you drove over a pothole and are unsure if you have damage to your vehicle, schedule an appointment at our St. Louis Park location, today. Remember, take it slow out there. The potholes are lurking about this spring.