With warm weather right around the corner, you will soon want to start using your AC! Now, before the temperatures rise to 90, is a great time to check to make sure your AC is working properly. If it’s not, we’re here to service it for you.

Some of the most common issues we see regarding auto AC include hoses, seals, blowers, and fans.

If your vehicle’s air conditioner doesn’t blow cold air, or cold air is present, but not in all vents, it is most likely a leak from a hose, seal, or compressor. In this instance, the AC system will be low on refrigerant. Simply topping it off won’t fix the leak; hoses will likely need to be replaced.

AC evaporators may also fail and corrode. We generally see several fan blower motors not working each season as well. Broken or stuck doors that are controlled electronically can also be the culprit of AC that just isn’t performing well.

It is important to keep up with vehicle maintenance, especially when it comes to service under the hood. A vehicle’s air conditioner isn’t only about cooling the passengers, it dehumidifies air to defrost and defog windows to allow you to see when driving. If you need service to your air conditioner system, schedule an appointment at our Saint Louis Park location, today.